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Name Aliens Catapult Aliens Catapult is the most famous version in the Aliens Catapult series of publisher
Publisher Yaroub Alali
Genre Casual
Size 248.2 MB
Version 1.5
Mod Version 1.5
Update Wed, Dec 8, 2021 (1 year ago)
Available on Google Play
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Aliens Catapult is an adventure, challenge and shooting game. Aliens Catapult contains several modes: Aliens mode, Zombie mode, Sniper mode and Demolition mode.

Aliens mode:
It is the main mode of the game, which is divided into several different zones, and each zone contains many levels with different challenges. The player advances in the Aliens mode by passing all the levels in each zone, to be allowed to enter the next zone.

Zombie mode:
It is a unique challenge that tests the player's ability to shoot with accuracy and speed. The player is surrounded by five foggy paths, and over time the zombies will start attacking in numbers that are gradually multiplied. When zombies are killed, the magic counter will fill up, giving the player magical balls with a stronger effect, so that they can kill more zombies.

Sniper mode:
It is a single-level mode, in which the player is in front of small houses where aliens are hiding.
As the position of these hideouts changes, the player will have to snipe enemies while the enemy is exposed for a short period of time. What the player will face in this mode, is time. The time is set at the beginning of the round, then gradually runs out. But the player can get extra time when killing enemies.

Demolition mode:
This mode is a fighter's rest, this mode was built primarily for entertainment. In this mode, the player chooses one of the buildings available, and then begins to demolish it using the explosive demolition ball. There is no time and no enemies in this mode. The player only has a demolition counter, which will fill up when demolishing the building depending on the impact of the hit. The fun of this mode lies in the demolition itself, as it helps calm and relax.

The catapult here is the player's weapon. The catapult is divided into: ball, rubber, aiming line and the catapult itself. The player must choose the appropriate gear for each zone, in order to achieve the best result in the levels of that zone. In the Aliens mode, extra weapons can be added to the gear, effective weapons of different effect (such as poison ball, lightning ball, fire ball, meteor ball, UFO ball and black hole ball).

In the Aliens mode, the player will discover that in each zone there is a new challenge. It varies between levels of this zone in terms of difficulty.

Help and Support:
Please see the game's official website to inquire about any question. You can also contact us through the "Support" page on the site.

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