Bass Tourney Challenger

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Name Bass Tourney Challenger Bass Tourney Challenger is the most famous version in the Bass Tourney Challenger series of publisher
Publisher Pishtech LLC
Genre simulation
Size 85.2 MB
Version 1.0
Mod Version 1.0
Update Nov 22, 2021 (1 year ago)
Available on Google Play
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It’s bass fishing from a birds-eye view, with new lakes to fish and tackle to try out every day!

Bass Tourney Challenger starts out very easy and casual at Level 1. You’re standing on a dock and you simply tap where you want to cast, tap and hold to reel in. Catch a few bass and you’ll qualify for tournaments. In a tournament you’re fishing against other real players recent results. Do well and you’ll advance to Level 2.

Level 2 gets you your first boat, and new lakes to explore every day. As you advance to higher and higher levels, you gradually unlock more features and additional challenges. Your first boat is pretty small, slow and basic, but if you do well in the tourneys you’ll earn an upgrade before long. Keep working your way up and you’ll find boats with trolling motors or shallow water anchors, and sonar fish locators from old-school to cutting edge live fish tracking.

And the boats get much, much faster. That’s a good thing, because the lakes get bigger. So do the bass.

Advancing in levels gives you more control over how you work your lures, and how you scan the area for hungry bass. Even the rods and lures get better. 

Higher levels also bring new challenges. At early levels you can’t hurt your boat by crashing it, but rise high enough and the stakes get higher too. High level tournaments give you more fishing time, but also have more competitors fishing for that first place finish.

Every level has separate tournaments and a separate global leader board, so you’re always competing against people on the same lakes, with the same level equipment, and the same features and challenges.

A new lure for every level arrives in the tackle shop in the game every 2 hours, and stays for just a day. The variety of lures is literally endless. Different types have realistic features. Some cast farther, some hook fish better, some avoid snags better, and some have more vibration to get noticed by fish from farther away. Check out the selection often and you’ll build a collection that will have you ready for whatever habitat you find as you explore new lakes every day.

Advancing to higher levels is always optional. If you want to keep it casual, you can stay at any level you enjoy, or even step back down levels. If you’re ready to be a top tier Bass Tourney Challenger, fish your way to Level 20!

In-app purchases are available to let you pick up some extra Bass Bux, the currency in the game, for shopping for equipment upgrades.  You can’t buy your way to the top, though. The only way to advance in levels is with the points you earn competing in tournaments.

The game is free up to Level 4. Any in-app purchase removes the limit so you’re ready to fish your way up to the upper levels.

Bass Tourney Challenger does not collect or use any personally identifiable data. We encourage players to pick nicknames that don’t reveal their actual identity when they appear on the leader boards on in tournament results.

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