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Name Defend Your Fortune Defend Your Fortune is the most famous version in the Defend Your Fortune series of publisher
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Defend Your Fortune game - Cover Yours, Steal Theirs, Make a Fortune! 

In Defend Your Fortune card game stakes are high in this high-energy, competitive, and cut-throat, set-collection card game. Battle to become the first millionaire by collecting sets of assets.

Objective of the Defend Your Fortune game is to be the first player to reach a $1Million score.

Defend Your Fortune is the game played with 110 cards. It has 12 each of different  Asset cards and 12 Wild cards.

Each player is dealt with 4 cards from the Deck. Cards are distributed in an anti-clockwise direction. After the Deal, remaining cards are placed faced down at the center of the Table, to form a Draw pile or Deck. Topmost card of the Draw pile is flipped over and placed face up next to the Draw pile, to form a Discard pile. Top card in the discard pile can be matched with an asset card or wildcard to make a pair.

12 different Asset cards are represented by Home, Jewels, Vintage Auto, Cash Savings, Coin collection, Stocks, Baseball cards, Bank Account, Stamp Collection, Piggy Bank. Home cards are 8 in numbers and all the other Assets cards are 10 in numbers. Wild cards are represented by Gold and Silver cards. These Asset cards and Wild cards are used to make a Pair. Single wild card can be used to make a pair of Asset cards. Wild cards will be hidden when placed on the Asset pile.
Gameplay continues in a Clockwise direction. One of the 4 actions can be  performed in the Player's turn. Making a Pair from their Hand: Players may try to make a pair from their hand pile, either by placing 2 identical asset cards or an asset card and a Wild card from their Hand Pile. Each time when a player lays down a new pair, it is placed perpendicular to the prior set of assets,  even if he has placed the same asset cards in their previous turn. Only 2 cards can be laid down together at a time even if you have more matching cards.

Round ends when all the player’s run out of the cards. This continues until one of the players reaches 1Million Asset value and that player is declared as Winner.

Defend Your Fortune is quick to learn, and simple to play, yet surprisingly addictive and strategic. 

Complete with simple-to-follow rules to get started right away with the Defend Your Fortune card game. The Defend Your Fortune card game Creates lasting memories and competition anytime, anywhere.

Download Defend Your Fortune card game today for endless hours of fun!!

*** Defend Your Fortune Features ***
*) 1,2,3 and 4  Player Mode.
*) Get Free coins by Spin wheel.
*) Fast-paced, competitive and fun - for free!
*) Achievements and Leaderboard.
*) Create a Private Room and Invite Friends and Family.
*) Play with players across the world.
*) Watch videos to earn coins.

Rules of the game are explained in great detail in the ‘Settings’ section.
Touch friendly interface. 

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