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Name Frontline: World War 2 ios Frontline: World War 2 ios is the most famous version in the Frontline: World War 2 ios series of publisher
Publisher Marius Badita
Genre strategy
Size 523.5 MB
Version 1.0
Mod Version 1.0
Update 05/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
Available on Google Play
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5 ( 955 ratings )
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Experience the intensity and thrill of WWII battlefields with “Frontline: World War II”! Take command of the Allies and experience the ultimate challenge. Engage in epic battles, study enemy tactics, and use special abilities to achieve victory! Join the fight today and lead your forces to freedom!

Dive into the thrilling action of 25 intense missions and 22 explosive scenarios! Sharpen your skills and hone your strategies as you take aim, counter-attack, and coordinate your squad’s every move. Outsmart the enemy by studying their tactics and using special abilities to secure your victory!

Embark on an epic journey, unlocking new units and abilities as you progress through the campaign. Master the art of tactics and chronology to increase the power of your Units. Unlock special abilities like Camouflage, Sabotage, and Entrench to gain an edge in battle. Upgrade your Units with AT grenades, Artillery barrages, Shell Shocks, and more to turn the tide of war. Experience the intensity of combat with features like Smoke-screens, APCR, Armor Suppression, Routed, Surrounded, Infantry Charge, Sharp-shooters, Encirclement & Flanking, Deflections, Penetration, Critical Hits, and Ballistics. Unlock the power of war and conquer your adversaries!

Lead your army to victory in this thrilling turn-based, offline-operational tactics-strategy game! Conquer objectives in any way you see fit and become the ultimate commander!

25 Historical inspired missions and scenarios & 22 Scenarios
30xUnit specializations (Perks)
Level up & active abilities for every unit
Massive weapon arsenal: 170+ unique units
Reinforcements & supply
Multiple objectives
Zoom controls
HD graphics
Intuitive interface
Lean learning curve

“Volume I Battles”[30+ Missions + 20 Scenarios]: Pegasus Bridge, North Africa, Crete, Fort Capuzzo, Italian Offensive, Girba, Bardia, Beda Fomm, Sicily, Salerno, Cassino, Pointe du Hoc, D-day, Cherbourg, Carentan, Bastogne, Coral Sea, Ford Snipe, Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, Guam, Peleliu, Iwo Jima!

If you are a player of Turn-based Strategy & tactics Hex-grid WW2 Wargames, this game might be for you!

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