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Name I Spy Safari I Spy Safari is the most famous version in the I Spy Safari series of publisher
Publisher Mary Leakey
Genre Educational
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Version 1.0
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Update Dec 5, 2021 (1 year ago)
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Whether you’re exploring the Mara, crossing the Kruger or on a trip to a wildlife park or zoo, this app keeps the family endlessly entertained. Intuitive identification tools help young children and adults of all ages to identify and learn interesting facts about animals encountered on safari. Play collaboratively or competitively within or between families while learning about some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. How quickly can you spy all the animals?

Learn about African animals:
● Features over 65 interactive flashcards showcasing different animals found on safari, from elephants to vultures, lions to crocodiles
● See photos, hear sounds and read notes for easy animal identification
● Easily search for animals by sorting them alphabetically or by size, speed or habitat
● Danger rating, top speed, weight, habitat, conservation status and geographic
distribution all displayed with easy-to-read icons
● Learn 5 fascinating facts about each animal.

Play the Game:
● Spy as many animals as you can during your safari
● Gain points by identifying more and rarely seen animals. Each animal is worth from 1 -
10 points depending on its rarity: the widely distributed Burchell’s Zebra is worth 1 point
whilst the rare, nocturnal, burrow-dwelling Aardvark is worth 10!
● Play collaboratively to get the best game drive score
● Compete against friends in other cars: get strategising - how will you get the highest

Log and share your safari:
● Tapping the animal automatically records the GPS location where you spotted the animal and places a pin on a map
● An inbuilt camera feature allows you to record your sighting and adds them to the animal flashcard and your trip album
● As you end the game, an album containing an interactive map of your sightings and photos is generated
● Easily search and view past safaris
● Share your safari and animals spotted with friends and family on social media!

Help protect your Environment:
By purchasing this app you are directly helping to protect Africa’s amazing natural spaces. 10% of all profits from the sale of this app is donated to programs supporting wildlife rangers in Africa and their families. Rangers work tirelessly to protect Africa’s iconic wildlife including lions, elephants and rhino - as well as some of the world’s most endangered species like mountain gorillas and African wild dogs. Many of these animals are among the most widely targeted by poachers for the illegal wildlife trade, and rangers regularly risk their lives while trying to keep them safe. Let us help to protect the world’s amazing animals by supporting our rangers to protect them.

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