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Name Pro Strategy Football 2022 Pro Strategy Football 2022 is the most famous version in the Pro Strategy Football 2022 series of publisher
Publisher Pro Strategy Games
Genre simulation
Size 423.7 MB
Version 2022121901
Mod Version 2022121901
Update Sun, Dec 19, 2021 (1 year ago)
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PSF is built around a simulation engine so that you get the same realistic results whether you sim, watch, or coach a game!
Create career leagues with up to 32 teams!  Want an 8 team, 10 team, or 16 team career league?  It's yours!

PSF takes real strategy rather than twitchy fingers, don't look for controlling the players here.  This is for fans who love coaching and managing in the most accurate and realistic football simulation on the market!  Whether you want sports management, coaching, or everything, it's here in PSF!

If you enjoy simply watching games played out accurately and realistically, PSF is for you!  Every play uses the game engine to deliver accurate results, and then the play is played out on the field, so you get the same results whether you watch the game or run quick simulations!

New and improved features!
- Even better AI! The already stellar AI improved even more!
- Play any mode with leagues of 43 or 53 player rosters, supporting legacy and modern leagues!
- Coach with any major formations from the 40s to modern day!  Customize leagues and individual teams, giving each its own style!
- Play exhibition games between different leagues!
- Pregame screen displays a preview of the matchup, including the won/lost streaks and historical series between the teams!
- Full control over your depth charts!  Modify your depth charts at any time and have multiple packages.  View and swap out ANY player on the play calling diagram, even swap to a complete package!
- View Player cards from any screen or play calling diagram, displaying the player’s key information, ratings, and stats!
- Even more coaching options – send RBs in motion, throw screens to WRs and TEs!  Run more plays with your QB!
- Play an exhibition game with a Championship setting!
- Expanded Scouting screen now displays the Coach panel with supported formations, new tabs for depth charts and packages!
- Can now simulate a quarter at a time!

And now, the Expanded editor and customization options are better than ever!
- Easier to navigate
- Easily set league-wide offensive and defensive formations and then fine-tune individual teams.  Give Flex defense to a team, set another team to use all 2TE formations, another team to play run and shoot!
- Set your league’s age level to Pro or College!
- Choose your own files of player names and college names, to use in the league and even in rookie drafts!
- Set your league to use your own folders of player and coach photos!
- Use your own lists of players names and college names in custom names files!
- Now supports team-specific championship end zones and championship stadium names!
- Can now customize the football images and down markers!

Expanded Team attributes and stats:
- Fair catches!
- Postseason stats!
- Drive stats on Highlights list, play calling screen and on results screen!
- OVR (Overall Value Rating) for players and teams!
- Display FG chance once you’re in Fieldgoal range!
- Improved Play by Play and result screens!

Career and Single Season Enhancements
- Transactions screens make it easy to view each year’s transactions and moves, including players from the rookie draft, players cut, franchise players, free agents, and injuries.
- Team News and Stats screen to quickly see everything about your team!
- New "Allow Players to Retire" option adds realism and intrigue to career play!
- A detailed Injuries screen provides a quick view into major injuries throughout the whole season, what players are currently out, and more!
- Fine-grained Simulation dialog now lets you automate any career phase or automate several at once!
- More wildcard options!
- Now easier than ever to quick sim or watch a season game!
- Player History screen now displays his career transactions and injuries!
- More historical information for teams, players, and even Team vs Team records!
- Tournaments and brackets now support any number of BYE games and display seeds!
- Easily convert your 2021 leagues to 2022!

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