SF2K: Class Dismissed

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Name SF2K: Class Dismissed SF2K: Class Dismissed is the most famous version in the SF2K: Class Dismissed series of publisher
Publisher Invergence Interactive
Genre Casual
Size 274.6 MB
Version 1.0
Mod Version 1.0
Update Dec 1, 2021 (1 year ago)
Available on Google Play
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( 277 ratings )
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SF2K: Class Dismissed is, like, an intense war between a bunch of girls who are all out to ruin each other's popularity and self-esteem. The object is to physically attack and majorly dis your enemies until they are totally mortified beyond belief. You'll never come out on top without making the right friends, so be careful who you're nice to. Because in the end, only the shrewdest will survive with their social status intact!

Delve into social gameplay like no other, playing with tenuous alliances and bitter rivalries on the harshest battlefield know to humans - the schoolyard playground. Who can you REALLY trust?

Psych it out between 3 to 6 players! You all start with 10 heart points, but who will be left standing in the end? Only two of those six can survive with some of their hearts intact, as each round your hearts hang in the balance! Lose all your hearts and you're out! Each game earn brownie points to compare yourself on the ranking boards.

On your way to becoming the universe's most popular girl you'll experience:
* Dynamic social gameplay - each round is never the same! Deception, trust, tears - all part of the playground.
* Choose between 100+ accessories for your outfit. Never worry about being seen in the same outfit twice!
* Meet new friends along the way; you're gonna need some friends to beat the other girls!!
* You can't get to the top without making a few enemies!

--> Wait a minute, I'm getting deja-vu... doesn't this game look familiar?
If you used the Internet in the early 2000s, you probably heard about SiSSYFiGHT 2000. Well, it's back and it's gone mobile! Featuring fresh features for mobile, we're getting with the times!

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