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Name Stray Cat Towers Stray Cat Towers is the most famous version in the Stray Cat Towers series of publisher
Publisher Inc.PULSMO
Genre racing
Size 203.3 MB
Version 1.0.1353
Mod Version 1.0.1353
Update Nov 8, 2021 (1 year ago)
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A puzzle game from the worldwide hit escape adventure game series "Stray Cat Doors" is now available!
Help these kittens who can't get down from high places!

It's a cute new 2048 type merge puzzle.

◆Game introduction◆

■ The game is easy to play and challenging!
The basic operation is to swipe only.
Use the skill items to clear the game!

■ Lots of cute characters!
"Many of the cute feline characters and animals from the ""Stray Cat Doors"" series appear in this game!
The main character, "the girl in the white cat hat," will also be small and very active!

■ Go for the true ending!
There are a total of 25 stages in the story mode.
There are two modes: normal mode and hard mode.
Each of them has a different ending.
Clear the hard mode to see the true ending!
The hard mode can be played after clearing all the normal modes.

■ There's even a high-level "Okawari" stage!
No skills available! No end in sight!
Challenge yourself to see how far you can increase your score in these endless stages!

■ Play while listening to the rhythmic background music!
The movements of objects and characters in the game are synchronized with the background music!
Playing the game while listening to the background music will increase your enjoyment!

■ Recommended for the following people
・I have played the previous game
・I like the "Stray Cat Doors" series
・I like healing games
・I like puzzle games
・I like cute characters and animals
・I like to collect items
・I like brain training puzzles
・I like 2048 type puzzles
・I like merge puzzles

◆Game Strategy Tips◆

■ Make use of skill items!
You can get many skill items in the game. Use them as much as you can.
If you make full use of the skill items, you may be able to clear even the most difficult stages!

■ A game that even people who are not good at puzzles can play without worry.
Even if you can't clear a stage, you can still get coins.
Skill items can be purchased with coins. Collect as many skill items as you can and challenge the puzzles!
You can even use coins to unlock the next stage!
If you can't clear a stage, use coins to skip it!
*Some stages cannot be skipped with coins.

■ You can get free skill items in the gallery and store.
Each time you clear a stage, you will get a skill item in the gallery.
There's also a "Skill Box" in the store where you can get free skill items.
The "Skill Box" will be revived at regular intervals, so you can receive items as many times as you want!
*If you want to receive items from the "Skill Box," you need to watch an ad.

■ You get skill items from helpful characters!
Tap the green kitten when it appears in the lower left corner of the screen! You'll get items and coins!
Tap the UFOs before they pass the screen, and be sure to get powerful items from them!
*If you want to receive items from UFO, you need to watch ads.

■ Gather information about the game on the official Twitter.
Provides tips on game play and useful information for clearing the game.
Check out the official Twitter for more info!

[Official Twitter]

*If you have any questions about the app, please use the "Contact Us" link in the options section of the app.
*This game is basically free, but there are some in-app billing contents.

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