Twin Slicer – ASMR Slice Duo

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Name Twin Slicer - ASMR Slice Duo Twin Slicer - ASMR Slice Duo is the most famous version in the Twin Slicer - ASMR Slice Duo series of publisher
Publisher Marius-Cristian Garbovan
Genre Casual
Size 132.7 MB
Version 1.0
Mod Version 1.0
Update Tue, Dec 7, 2021 (1 year ago)
Available on Google Play
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( 677 ratings )
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Looking for a really satisfying ASMR slice experience?
Twin Slicer is the original ASMR game to feature the innovative Swipe To Split & Slice gameplay. Easy to control, Fun and precise. So satisfying!

Your Goal
You have to slice all the objects in your way whether it's fruit, daily objects, color capsules or even ice cream! The Slicer is easy to control and adjust. Just align it with the sliceable objects in your way and it will spin and do all the slicing. Relax and enjoy the ASMR!

Gameplay Features
The Swipe To Split & Slice gameplay hasn't been seen before and is unique by the way its controls are being placed and used in game. The Slicer has the ability to duplicate and twin itself hence gaining double the slicing power and cover distance. The controls are really simple, fun and precise, using the left and right swiping mechanic. The effect of the controls during gameplay is major, being able to make the difference between a victorious run with maximum points and one that could not be completed. Very satisfying ASMR with appealing levels and slice variations.

Main Features
● ASMR slice runner game
● Innovative Swipe To Split & Slice gameplay
● Easy to learn control
● Very satisfying ASMR slice effects and sounds
● Rewarding progression with bonus levels
● Custom skins with special Duo spin trails

How to Play
● Use the slider - one finger control
● Swipe your finger to split the Slicer
● Swipe right to progressively Split into Duo
● Swipe left to progressively Unify back into one Slicer
● Look at the incoming objects that you want to slice
● Align the Slicer with them
● Watch all the objects as they are being sliced
● Avoid the red obstacles to keep the Slicer from breaking
● Enjoy each and every satisfying split and slice, ASMR for the win!

Custom Skins
There are extra cool skins available that stand out and precisely suit your preferences. Seven skins with eye pleasing colors and two realistic objects, including a vinyl and a metallic saw. All of them have special trails that are continuously marking the paths of the Duo Slicer. Get the ones you like the most for amazing mix and match contrasts. Collect them all and be Fully Loaded!

Relax and enjoy this satisfying ASMR slice game. You deserve it!

Duo spin for the win!

Download Twin Slicer – ASMR Slice Duo

Download (132.7 MB)